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Darren W. Miller

Information & Network Security Consultant

email: Darren.Miller (-@-) ParaLogic.Net

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Mr. Miller’s background is comprised of more than 17 years of progressive technical and business experience. His knowledge and methodologies have developed through years of fundamental network communications work. His experience culminates in a rich set of credentials for his concentration in information security. Photo of Darren W. Miller

Darren W. Miller

Initially a C/C++ programmer for UNIX platforms, Mr. Miller developed applications for the telecommunications industry based on Sun Microsystems Solaris and other UNIX variants.  His natural ability to comprehend the multifaceted concepts of network communications allowed him to expand into complex network infrastructure projects.  Over the next five years Mr. Miller began to specialize in heterogeneous network integration with emphasis on data integrity and access security, or what is now known as ‘information security’.

Prior to the initial influx of firewall technology, Mr. Miller and close associates were designing and implementing cutting edge packet filters, proxy servers, and other network security product solutions.  Mr. Miller was an early adopter and beta tester for Check Point Systems original security products.  He has installed numerous perimeter defense systems, designing some of the most sophisticated strategies and methodologies for networks ranging from 20,000 systems and greater.  These services have been requested by various organizations including the healthcare, technical, financial, government and educational industries.

Mr. Miller has years of hands on experience developing methodologies and solutions for performing external and internal network vulnerability assessments and penetration tests.  Having directly performed many network security assessments and leading teams of security professionals, Mr. Miller routinely delivers the greatest level of report and remediation detail in the industry.  Mr. Miller has most recently worked on security assessments for financial institutions, bio-med / healthcare organizations, and government agencies.  He has been featured in news publications regarding wireless and network security and guest speaker on talk radio devoted to technology.

Mr. Miller’s extensive experience and responsive personality enables him to guide clients to best-practice configurations and procedures designed for their environment.

Mr. Miller lives in Plantation, FL.  Plantation is a beautiful city with palm trees and canals and is approximately 15 minutes North of Fort Lauderdale and just over 35 minutes North West of Miami. He travels frequently to the North East (Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., New Jersey, and New York) as well as the west coast, on projects.

He also serves clients in Plantation, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Boca Raton Florida.

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